We gauge the rise and fall of a river by the water marks it leaves on things in its path.  Life is metaphorically like a river.  We ebb and flow, we rise and fall and carve new paths in our lives.  We are always in motion.

As an artist, I leave water marks with water media in an attempt to communicate through my art.   I have a deep affinity for water media both for its ability and its unpredictability.  My paintings tell the tale of the paths that I have traveled some familiar and some new.  

The American Society of Marine Artist (ASMA) was founded in 1978 by a small group of the country's leading maritime artists.  Judy is proud to have received her ASMA Signature Member.   It completes the merging of her lifetime passion for sailing with painting.


"Past the Buoys"


"Safe Passage"


"Wet and Wild"




"Salty Sisters"